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Summer 2006 - Issue #6

In this Issue:

Carping: The Naked Truth Part II.
The Carpfather continues the chase for serious carp with a fly rod!

Mississippi Bluegill.
Join Marty Cannon in the heart of Cajun Country as he fishes the Atchafalaya Basin.

Tying The Tom Thumb/Goofus Bug/Cooper Bug.
Ian James once again uses the Hares Mask to create a variant of these popular dry flies.

Book Bonus: Flyfishing Strategies for Stillwaters. 
Lake Fishing Strategies based on the trouts' favourite food sources in Part V of Brian Chan's popular guide to flyfishing trout lakes.

Shim's Spring Road Trip. 
2800 miles and 9 lakes in 2 weeks! From Willaims Lake, Idaho to Williams Lake, BC.

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