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The Cross Dresser Fry

Contributed by Bear Andrews


The Crossdresser Fry is a Great Lakes area steelhead streamer that will work on almost any predator fish including bass and big trout. (I believe that if it is tied in larger sizes with a change in colors it would be very effective on saltwater species as well.) Fish it while wading in streams or rivers using a down stream drift and at or near the end of the drift start a stripped retrieve. From a boat using a sink tip line cast to the bank or any likely structure where fish might be holding and strip back using an erratic strip, strip and pause retrieve allowing the fly to sink between strips. For lakes and ponds use the same method of retrieving from a boat or casting out from the shore.


Hook: TMC 105 Size 4


Thread: UNI-Thread 8/0 White


Tail: Natural Grizzly Chick-A-Bou


Tail Flash: Angel Hair Pearl Green (Angler's Choice)


Back: Peacock Herl


Body: 2/3 Pearl or Polar fee 1/3 Fire Red Fire Star Dubbing (Angler's Choice)


Hackle: Teal Flank (Collar Style)


Eyes: Small Black bead chain.



Tying The Crossdresser Fry:


1) Tie in first Chick-a-bou feather at the bend of the hook.


2) Tie in second Chick-a-bou by the tip at the bend and collar hackle with it

around the first feather.


3) Tie in a few wisps of Angel hair on both side of the Chick-a-bou extending a little past the tail.


4) Tie in peacock herl just in front of the tail.


5) Dub body with Fire Star 2/3 Polar Ice or Pearl 1/3 Fire Red.


6) Collar hackle with teal flank.


7) Tie in eyes, crisscross and then figure eight.


8) Pull peacock over the top and tie off.


Fish this fly on the swing or strip it in and it just comes alive!!


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Jeff "Bear" Andrews is a native of Michigan, in the Midwest United States who has been tying flies and fly fishing for over 40 years. He has tied flies commercially for 28 years producing as many as 2000 dozen flies a year. From 1977 until 1982 he ran Bear's Fly Shop in Grand Ledge, Michigan.


Annually Bear travels throughout the United States and Europe sharing his tying skills through demonstrations and classes. He has taught I 000's of people to tic flies. For ten years Bear organized and ran the "Tyathon" a one man 24 hour fly tying marathon to raise money for the Federation of Fly Fishers conservation projects raising over $125,000.00 in ten years time.


In 1998 he was the recipient of the "Buz" Buszek Memorial Fly Tying Award, the highest honor bestowed upon a fly tier by the Federation of Fly Fishers. Bear's flies are sought after by both collectors and fly fishers. His flies have appeared in numerous books and magazines as well as limited edition artwork. Bear has set two IGFA World Records for Brook Trout.


He is currently the Fly Fishing editor for "Michigan-Out-Of-Doors" magazine, writing the "Michigan Fly Box" each month. He has released two instructional fly tying videos for steelhead called "Steelhead Flies For The Great Lakes" and "Steelhead Two".


Since 2000 Bear has worked as a fly designer for Umpqua Feather Merchants.

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